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Seven Star Adventure Holidays Pvt. Ltd is a well established international leading leisure Adventure Tour company in the Himalayan Republic of Nepal and specializes in all type of national/international tour mountaineering, climbing logistics services, Tour, trekking, hiking and adventure holidays in Nepal with Tibet, Bhutan, India China, Thailand, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Kenya and Indonesia We offer verity of innovative adventures from life changing experience of the adventure trek and tour.

We make your dream; we take you on the earth haven lower place Maldives beautiful island to highest place of world Mt. Everest striking beauty far of the beaten treks and tour to remote and amazingly beautiful wilderness areas of the world. We explore to untouched natural serenity tranquility and Shangri-la on the hiding heaven in the world.

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Travel Traps and Drugs

I just heard a podcast on Democracy Now about a young, American woman's plight with police in East Timor and it reminded me of how so many come to Nepal, totally trusting that things will go well. They roll with most of what they travel into, but there are many, many traps that young people can fall into.
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